18Mar Better Cyprus: The Cyprus Issue and Youth

Better Cyprus: The Cyprus Issue and Youth

Negotiations about Cyprus Issue go on for decades, while lately there is clearly a lot of effort been put in order to achieve a solution. Yet, the ones who will actually live the solution in the island, the young people, are never considered as stakeholders or been asked about their opinion. This approach goes against the recent UN Resolution on Youth, Peace and Security which actually recognizes the significant role young people can play in achieving peace and security. The resolution also responds to the limited opportunities for youth to participate in formal peace processes by encouraging the inclusion of youth in peace negotiations and peacebuilding efforts.

Taking these into consideration, the non-governmental organization Youth for Exchange and Understanding developed the project “Better Cyprus: The Cyprus Issue and Youth”. The aim of the project is to record the views of all young people, from all the groups and communities in Cyprus, with regards to the Cyprus issue. It intends to engage young people into a dialogue about the Cyprus Issue and empower them to envision the Cyprus they want.

The project will use the methodology of structured dialogue, a process which uses a bottom-up approach, gathering the opinion of grassroots and through various steps produces policy papers with recommendations that need to be adopted by stakeholders.

For the purposes of this project, the methodology has been adjusted and will include the following milestones:

  • Focus group with Greek Cypriots: The focus group of Greek Cypriots already met in Nicosia on 15th The aim of the focus group was togather the first draft of opinions of young people on Cyprus Issue
  • Focus group with Turkish Cypriots: The focus group of Turkish Cypriots already met in Nicosia on 18th The aim of the focus group was togather the first draft of opinions of young people on Cyprus Issue
  • Online questionnaire: The online questionnaire will aim to gather the opinion of 500 young people all over the island on the Cyprus Issue. The questionnaire is developed on the recommendations gathered by the 2 focus groups, allowing of course the respondents to provide their own opinion too.
  • Conference: The main action of the project is a three – days Conference that will take place on 18 – 20 March at the CCMC premises close to Ledra Palace, in the UN Buffer Zone, in Nicosia.During the Conference, the outcomes of the focus group and the questionnaire will be presented and further discussed, aiming to gather a more comprehensive opinion from young people and more concrete recommendations. The conference will gather 50 young people from all communities living in Cyprus (Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Greeks, Turks, Armenians, Maronites, as well as other cultures established in the island). It must be noted that the Conference will host reputable speakers and policy makers who are distinguished connoisseurs of the subject, among them Ms Poly Ioannou, Director at the office of the Greek-Cypriot Negotiator; and Dr. Niyazi Kizilyurek, Professor at the University of Cyprus.                                             .The project will lead to a policy paper with a set of recommendations that will be shared with the leaders of the two main communities in the island. The aim is to advocate for addressing and incorporating the recommendations of young people in the peace building efforts that are currently taking place.


18 Mar, 2016 15:00
20 Mar, 2016 17:00
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