ESC Volunteering Project in Škofja Loka, Slovenia: Familija – Kids in action 6

The ESC volunteering project “Familija – Kids in action 6” work with 11 organizations in the area of Škofja Loka. Volunteer will be involved in the work of PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS and RESIDENTIAL HOME FOR CHILDREN AT RISK.

Where? Škofja Loka, Slovenia. 25km from Ljubljana, 40km from Bled.

When? From November 2019 to August 2020. Duration: 9 Months.

Working schedule/ activities: The volunteer will have to work at two main organizations in the area: the firts one is the Residential treatment institution for kids, which is a community home for children and youth with behavioral and emotional disorders. The second is Jelo Janežič Primary School, which is a primary school for children with special needs. He/she will assist at daily activities, help with the program and organize different workshops.

Volunteer profile: Candidates should be have self-initiative, motivated, patient, creative, open-minded, flexible, interested in working with children. The candidate should be able to speak English. Past experience in pedagogy, psychology, social and youth work would be considered an asset. An advantage will be if the candidate has some skills in art, music, sport, handcrafts or/and multimedia. The volunteer will have to bring his/her own ideas and be able to run his/her own projects.

Accommodation: The volunteer will have a fully furnished accommodation in the main square of Škofja Loka. He/she will have a single bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom.

Monthly allowance: The volunteer will receive 176€ for food allowance and 120€ for pocket money.

The candidates will have to send to & a CV and motivational letter until 25/10/2019.

More info regarding the volunteering opportunity, you can find in the following links:

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