About the project:

You will take part in the design and implementation of the training activities, collaborating with our Staff and the guest students in a peer-to-peer learning logic and in collaboration with local institutions and organizations. You will work in an environment attentive to the educational dimension and innovation, rooted into the local community and where the guest students are also decision-makers.

Moreover, You will have the opportunity to be involved in parallel activities together with other volunteers hosted in other receiving organizations coordinated by InCo. The topic of the parallel activities will change according to the project (making games, organising events, exhibitions, etc.)

The volunteer we are looking for is:

– a girl;
– aged between 18 and 30;
– interested in the topics and activities covered by the project.

Activity period:

Starts in 2022 (for 12 months).


Trento, Italy


You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service in one of Il Faggio flats for students. You will live in a double room and share the apartment with other students of the same gender hosted.
The flat is situated close to the city center. It has a spacious kitchen, a common area, bathrooms and all necessary facilities.
As for the food, the volunteers will receive an allowance of 200,00 € per month. Volunteers will receive a transport card from Trentino Trasporti allowing them to travel free throughout the Province of Trento.
Volunteers will receive 150,00 € per month as pocket money. You will receive also a flat telephone.

How to apply?

Please send your CV and motivational letter to

For more information regarding the project you can read the infopack.

Travel tickets are covered.

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