Afaij organization is looking for volunteers in 3 different projects:

1 - Two volunteers in the Betesda Foundation (Madrid). Activities: the foundation asks the volunteers to help and support the staff with everyday activities with the guests, affected with learning or physical disabilities. The volunteers will also participate in the workshop organized by the foundation, and free-time activities. They will be asked also to support residents in care attention (shower, meals, etc.). The volunteers will work 35 hours per week from Monday to Friday, from 4 pm to 10 pm. Accommodation will be provided with a single bedroom. The volunteering period is 9 months starting from February 2020.

2 - Two volunteers in Basida association (Madrid) in three different locations. Activities: The three location are Aranjuez (Madrid), Manzanares (Ciudad Real) and Navahodilla (Ávila). The association has the general aim of providing attention to people in need from a biopsychosocial point of view. The volunteers will support the staff. Their specific tasks will be personal attendance to users in hygiene and wake up, eating etc; help with physical rehabilitation activities and occupational therapy activities for their cognitive rehabilitation: walks and gym; participation in workshops; collaboration with the organization of workshops and occupational activities. They will work a maximum of 38 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The selected volunteers will share the accommodation.

3 - Two volunteers in A LA PAR association. Activities: Volunteers will help the staff in assisting the guests with learning disabilities, in the occupational therapy centre during the day, mornings are usually free and work is concentrated mainly in the afternoon. Volunteers will also participate in some workshops organized in the center. These workshops include working at a Post Office, cleaning, gardening and the Huerta de Montecarmelo, carpentry and furniture making, decorative painting, floristry, basic mechanics, car washing, printing, confectionary making and accessory making/fashion.


1. Basida. Duration:5-9 months. Flexible dates. 

2. Betesda. Starting date: February 2020 for nine months in Madrid. 

3.  A La Par. Starting date: January for 6 months.

Deadline: Send us your CV and motivational letter until the 8th of February at

For more information check the info packs for each project below.