Project Description:

Crossing Borders, a sense of initiative and action-taking is one of the core values of ‘Solidarity in Action’. This is also one of the project’s objectives. During the individual volunteering activity, there will be time dedicated for personal project initiatives/ development (approximately 10 hours a week), as solidarity in action is the core of the volunteer service and can be best learned and applied when linked to volunteers’ interests. Moreover, to ensure the learning process, the volunteers will also primarily work in teams with an experienced staff of Crossing Borders. The volunteers will also participate in and facilitate in-house training (approximately 12 hours a week). We believe that self-reflection on the learning process, teamwork, leadership, mentorship, planning is vital for solidarity actions and leadership development. The expected outcome will a successful solidarity project and satisfactory volunteers’ learning process and experience. The time for these activities including meetings with mentors and self-reflection time will comprise approximately 5.5 hours a week.

The project will involve three volunteers who will begin their volunteering projects in the meantime. Volunteers are to be selected in an objective and fair way, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, ethnic group etc. We will aim for all of the participants to adhere to Crossing Borders “generic youth worker participant specification” for Erasmus+ Youth – Mobility of Youth Workers projects:

  • Age: 18+
  • Experience in youth work (in a professional or voluntary capacity)
  • Interest in global and societal issues
  • Possibility to implement follow-up activities in cooperation with the sending/partner organization

When: 1 September 2020 – 30 August 2021

Travel Budget: 360 EUROS

Deadline: 24 of August 2020.

How to Apply: Send to your Motivation Letter & Cv

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