Help Others Help Yourself: Experience of our volunteer

Help Others Help Yourself: Experience of our volunteer

Help Others Help Yourself: Experience of our volunteer

Kosice, Slovakia, 20-27 June 2019

YEU Cyprus Testimonials

Irene Yerolemidou

I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life participating in a Youth Exchange called ‘Help others, help yourself’ that took place in Kosice, Slovakia. For me it was a great opportunity and life changing experience even though it wasn’t the first Erasmus + project that I attended. I had the chance to meet people from 7 different countries, exchange ideas and come up with new ones! 

On the first day we met each other by doing some interactive games and team building activities that helped us to break the ice between us a little bit. In the following days we had the opportunity to volunteer in different places in the city and I really loved that because there aren’t a lot of projects that give you the chance to do something practical outside of the usual working places. Personally, I had the chance to visit a dog shelter for the first time in my life and I spent the most amazing time there helping to feed the dogs and walking them around. 

Another life-changing experience for me it was when we attended a theatre club for people with Down syndrome and other mental disabilities. In the beginning they performed for us a small play that I found amazing and then we all together did some theatre related exercises. 

During one of the days that we spent in town we were invited at the town hall for a small ceremony. It was a beautiful building and we also met the deputy mayor of Kosice that welcomed us all. As team leader for my country, I had the opportunity to write some words and sign in the chronicles of Kosice, which is something that I will always remember! 

Erasmus + brings people together to have an amazing time, exchange views and thoughts, discover new perspectives of themselves and by travelling, become aware of the world that is hiding out there!