'erasChOOL' EVS in Thessaloniki | September 2018

'erasChOOL' EVS in Thessaloniki | September 2018

‘erasChOOL’ EVS in Thessaloniki | September 2018

Business Mentality is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 and its objective is to strengthen and promote entrepreneurship and a culture of the society and citizens, especially the youth.
The organization aims to contribute in creating a friendly business environment and strengthen the culture of the youth and communities in relation to entrepreneurship which will lead societies themselves to sustainable economic development.

Main Objectives: The erasChOOL, will be a project of 8 months, involving 2 volunteers, visiting local schools and institutions, researching the level of information acquired from students/youth and educational staff regarding European programs, opportunities and voluntarism. It will be an informative campaign, presenting all the opportunities on local, European & inter cultural basis for young people to expand their knowledge and skills and join the community of non-formal learning.

Project Activities: 30/09/2018 - 30/05/2019 (8 months)

Venue: The project takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in a shared house with other volunteers and/or Erasmus students in center of the town. BUSINESS MENTALITY will provide a monthly card for the public transportation. There is a possibility that volunteers of same gender will share the same room. The house will be fully equipped, will have common rooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Food: 150 euros for pocket money. Money will be given to the volunteers at the beginning of every month. Food cost will be covered by BUSINESS MENTALITY through the project.

Apply:After you carefully read the Info Pack, send your CV and motivational letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org until the 15th of September.