Project Summary:

LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs can also involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? Educational LARPs are based on the achievements of different types of LARPs: chamber LARPs, Nordic LARPs, or simply drama theater and simulation methods, but how can we adopt it to the learning objectives of participants. However, methodology adopted to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program is not yet developed. We will change it.

The effect of this training will be a comprehensive manual explaining the idea of eduLARP in youth work in the context of Erasmus + program and providing concrete learning scenarios, as well as team of youth leaders ready to facilitate youth exchange with LARP methodology in November 2019.


  • developing and deepening the knowledge of eduLARP methodology among non-formal education trainers and youth leaders
  • exchange of experiences and knowledge of youth workers and trainers in conducting activities using game-based methods, storytelling, drama etc.
  • creating methodology, instructions and guidelines for non-formal education trainers in the youth sector in the form of a manual and a website
  • defining the role of eduLARP methodology in achieving the objectives of the Erasmus+ program in the context of European Training Strategy and competence model of trainers in Erasmus +.
  • preparing youth workers to run and facilitate international youth exchanges with the methodology of eduLARP


We are looking for 3 persons to participate in this Training Course (over 18)

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the info pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 25/09

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