Draw your Europe TC IN Ravenna-Italy | 12 – 20 May 2019

Youth associations and youth workers often design and implement activities for young people (but not only) with the aim of stimulating reflection on a topic, a value or with the aim of deliver a message. The content is therefore the fundamental aspect of these activities, but the methodology and the channel with which it is delivered is equally important. It is therefore important to focus on learning and teaching methodologies to make this communication effective and ensure the active participation of young people.
The new theories on the economy of attention underline the exaggerated number of contents and information that people receive, a consequence of the digital age. This puts each of us and especially the youngsters, in a difficult position when we need to give the right priority, time and importance to the information we receive every day.
Youth workers that have to communicate with young people, are strongly involved in this phenomenon. Precisely for this reason it is necessary today to focus on how to give to the youthworkers, innovative ways and tools to communicate with young people effectively.
This mobility project for youthworkers has precisely this as its main objective: to provide the youthworkers with new competences and new communication tools in order to improve the quality of their work and of the associations that involve them.
Visual thinking and graphic recording are tools that are particularly suitable for effectively integrating into this new communication system. In fact, quoting the rule “the more a content relies on intuition, the faster its diffusion”, it is easy to understand that purely visual messages have a more direct impact.

Visual thinking is a methodology that can be learned by anyone. A necessary element for mastering visual thinking is not talent, but the awareness of precepts and precautions that will be presented by the trainers during the project. This training course will therefore have the main objective of giving participants the ability to use visual thinking and graphic recording to improve communication with young people.

We are looking for three participants to join the Training Course

Please read the  carefully the info pack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form and send it to projects@yeu-cyprus.org

Application deadline: 07/04/2019

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