Diverse and Inclusive Youthwork for All | Training Course| Armenia 2021

Diverse and Inclusive Youthwork for All | Training Course| Armenia 2021

Diverse and Inclusive Youthwork for All | Training Course| Armenia 2021

Project Description

"D.I.Y - Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work for All" is a Long Term
Training Course designed by a Consortium of organizations based in the
European Union (Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece,
Portugal) and the EU Neighboring Partner countries (Armenia, Belarus,
Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey).

The project aims to support 30 youth workers, educators and youth
trainers from Erasmus+ Program and Partner countries in the
development of their diversity management skills and in learning how to
implement a culture of diversity and inclusion in their working
environments by increasing diversity-oriented awareness in their work
with young people.

The Training Course will take place in Armenia from 23-30 October
and the Seminar will take place in Germany (dates to be

Profile of participants

The Long Term Training Course is intended for youth workers, youth
trainers and educators
who are ready to work on the topics of diversity,
inclusion and anti-discrimination in order to activate the potential of
diversity in training and work with young people both at national and the
European levels.

Gender equality and gender balance will be ensured.

We are looking for 2 participants from Cyprus to join this project.

Travel Information

100% of the total travel expenses will be reimbursed, as long as it's within the budget. (For Cyprus the budget is 275 Euro).

Participants from North Macedonia and Turkey will need a
visa to enter Armenia and the hosting organization will support this
process. For the EU and other partner countries, Armenia has a visa-free
All the visa costs will be covered by organizers upon presentation of
original receipts.

Travel days are October 23 and October 30.


During the Training Course, the participants will be accommodated in
double rooms in a hotel.

Three meals and two coffee breaks per day will be provided. The
participants will inform the organizers about their dietary needs (vegan,
halal food, allergies) in the application form, so the staff can arrange the
menu according to their needs.

For more detailed information about the project please read the Infopack.

In order to apply to the activity, please fill in the form available here, as soon as possible.