"Deaf Solidarity" - A European Solidarity Corps Project in Thessaloniki

"Deaf Solidarity" - A European Solidarity Corps Project in Thessaloniki

“Deaf Solidarity” – A European Solidarity Corps Project in Thessaloniki

United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B) is a non-profit, non-governmental
organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Their main field of activity is promoting youth awareness about social issues. The organisation was founded by the initiative of a group of people who wanted to address the social issues which affect the youngsters in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

EKBE is a non-profit association which is active in Thessaloniki for the last 50 years. It has experience in supporting the deaf and hearing impaired who are in need as well as their families and aims at improving their living conditions and facilitating their socialization process. The organisation represents a bridge between the deaf population and society, promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities for the hearing-impaired youth.

Deaf Solidarity involves two participants coming from Lithuania and Cyprus. The volunteers will be involved in the daily activities of the organisation and will collaborate in the creation of events and material to support the deaf and hearing-impaired population of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. The volunteers will join the events and seminars organised to raise society's awareness about the deaf and hearing-impaired community. Furthermore, they will promote and help the organisation with educational trips and cultural activities.

Age: 18-30

Start date: When it is safe for volunteers to travel 

Where: Thessaloniki, Greece

Requirements: The selection of the participants is mostly based on their motivation and personal interest in the topics of the project. Nevertheless, we will give priority to youth with special needs and high motivation, especially people with hearing impairments or having a relationship with people with hearing impairments (in their family, friends or working place).

How to Apply: After carefully reading the Info Pack, send your CV and motivation letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org

Deadline: 8th of June 2020.