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Project Summary:

LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs can also involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? Educational LARPs are based on the achievements of different types of LARPs: chamber LARPs, Nordic LARPs, or simply drama theater and simulation methods, but how can we adopt it to the learning objectives of participants. However, methodology adopted to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program is not yet developed. We will change it.

The effect of this training will be a comprehensive manual explaining the idea of eduLARP in youth work in the context of Erasmus + program and providing concrete learning scenarios, as well as team of youth leaders ready to facilitate youth exchange with LARP methodology in September 2019.


  • developing and deepening the knowledge of eduLARP methodology among non-formal education trainers and youth leaders
  • exchange of experiences and knowledge of youth workers and trainers in conducting activities using game-based methods, storytelling, drama etc.
  • creating methodology, instructions and guidelines for non-formal education trainers in the youth sector in the form of a manual and a website
  • defining the role of eduLARP methodology in achieving the objectives of the Erasmus+ program in the context of European Training Strategy and competence model of trainers in Erasmus +.
  • preparing youth workers to run and facilitate international youth exchanges with the methodology of eduLARP


We are looking for 3 persons to participate in this Training Course (over 18)

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the info pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 30/08


What? A gathering of cultures and cuisines and a cooking contest to remember!

Why? To explore gastronomy as a tool for intercultural learning, to learn about sustainability and healthy eating habits, to share food and stories from around Europe and fight racism and xenophobia.

Project Description

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are" said Jean Anthelme
Brillat-Savarin in 1827.

Culinary traditions are a big part of culture, everywhere in Europe and in the world, and we believe that gastronomy is a very powerful gateway for
learning about different cultures.

The Mediterranean Diet has been recognized by UNESCO as an
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, because it "encompasses more
than just food", promoting social interaction, giving rise to "a considerable
body of knowledge, songs, maxims, tales and legends" and ensuring both
respect for the territory and biodiversity and "the conservation and
development of traditional activities and crafts".

In this exchange, 29 young people coming from 4 different European countries (Italy, Croatia, Cyprus and Germany) will explore everything related to food and culture, from eating healthy to sustainability, from how food relates to cultural diversity to how a territory and its resources shape the diet of the people who live there. They will have the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings as well, and to learn about what is produced by the local community.

Participants will work together in their national groups before and during
the exchange to present meals that represent their specific cultural
heritage, and they'll have the opportunity to work in multicultural groups to create some new intercultural dishes, always with the support of the leaders and expert local cooks.

They will get ready for a final public cooking contest, modelled on the
famous tv format Master Chef, where they will compete with their new
culinary creations. A recipe book designed by the participants will collect all the recipes from the exchange.

The teams will take turns in preparing the food and documenting the event
with pictures and videos, so as to acquire new skills both in the kitchen and
in videomaking.


We are looking for 6 persons 18-22 years old plus one group leader to participate in this Youth Exchange

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Soon we will provide you with the info pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 25/7

Stop your Impulse TC in Klaffer, Austria | 18-26 October 2019

Project Summary

The informal discussions with our partners showed that both youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities with whom they work do not have the necessary skills to manage conflict. Stereotypes, prejudices in the community and discrimination against young people with fewer opportunities lead to a specific psycho-emotional impact on these young people. As a result, they have an increased sensitivity to criticism and have defense reactions or exaggerated counter-attacks which makes it difficult to relate to other community members and youth workers. Thus, they risk losing different chances and opportunities for work and for independent living. Youth workers need to have the necessary skills to relate with these young people and to manage the conflicting situations that come from this context and their psycho-emotional specificity. The aim is to make youth activities more effective for the personal development of young people and to facilitate their social and professional insertion. Our project responds to the needs of youth workers, proposing it as its goal to increase the level of competences of youth workers in conflict management for the inclusion of Young people with fewer opportunities.


The aim of the project is to develop the skills of youth workers in conflict management to include young people with fewer opportunities. Project activities have been designed to deliver on its goals. Thus, they are structured into workshops, focusing on the main themes that respond to the learning needs of the participants:

  • Developing the level of knowledge and skills in the field of inclusion and professional integration
  • Developing the level of knowledge in the field of conflict management
  • Developing the level of skills of the participants to plan strategies to include young people with fewer opportunities, using non-violent communication methods


We are looking for 3 young people to participate in this Training Course

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 15/8


Project Description

'On The Way To Edinu – Understanding Intercultural Societies In Europe' is a cycle of two youth exchanges which are aiming to reduce negative approach of young people in Europe towards persons with migration background and prevent radicalization of that lead to aggressive behaviors and acts of discrimination. We will use the eduLARP methodology to step into shoes of a migrants and look at the processes from the first person perspective.

LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs lso involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.
This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? The answer is yes! We have adopted the methodology to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program - by creating world of Edinu that is a unique educational experience in the topic of migration.


  • To reduce negative perception of persons with a migration background despite of their cultural or national origins and prevent acts of aggression by rising feeling of solidarity among young people.
  • Analyze the construction of intercultural societies in Europe in order to understand relations among its members and possible sources of conflicts as well as trends of development of European societies.
  • Step into the role of a migrant in order to create a personal connection and rise empathy.
  • Continue to develop our educational LARP game and the world of Edinu.


We are looking for 4 participants 18-30 to participate in this Youth Exchange as well as 1 group leader without age limitation.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:On the Way to Edinu #1 - InfopackDownload

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 10/7

integrati-ON Y/E IN Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy | 9-18 SEPTEMBER 2019

Project Description

Data concerning immigration in the European Union and the negative statistics on discrimination and ethnic profiling in Italy in 2018 are at the base of “integrati-ON” project, which aims at promoting intercultural dialogue among young people, both European citizens and not, and to raise awareness on values such as social integration, respect for diversity and social commitment. “integrati-ON” intends to contribute to the dissemination of these values through a youth exchange, which allow participants to get in touch with new cultures and new traditions and to
dialogue as a tool to build a more inclusive society.

This goal will be achieved through a youth exchange that will take place in Italy from the 9th to the 18th of September 2019 and which will involve a group of 35 people, including 30 young people aged between 20 and 22 and 5 representatives of European organizations coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Cyprus. Among the six participants expected for each partner, each group leader must select 3 young citizens of his country and 3 young people with extra-European origins resident in the country (please see the following note). In order to promote social inclusion, in each national group, two young people with fewer opportunities will also be involved, this situation due to a difficult socio-economic background, to a condition at risk of social marginalization or due to relational or cultural difficulties.

The exchange, from the theme "Active Youth for Integration", will focus on Cooperative Learning activities to foster young people’s interest and to encourage them to actively engage in countering the various forms of discrimination. Migration-related issues, concepts of identity, belonging and equality will be discussed during thematic sessions, problem-solving exercises and group work; “world café” debates and brainstorming exercises will concern European integration policies and EU’s commitment to promoting a sense of belonging among its citizens.

The informal and non-formal educational techniques will be emphasized, because they ensure the acquisition of knowledge and skills by learners, making them protagonists of activities based on group cooperation and interpersonal exchange.

In the long run, thanks to the participation in "integrati-ON", young people will be more open- minded and willing to deepen new subjects, improve their relation skills in a multicultural context and will spread values of social inclusion, intercultural understanding as well as civic engagement
and respect for diversity. As far as partner organizations are concerned, they will be protagonists of a process of sharing experiences and skills in the field of integration, representing the origin of a new European network in the sector. Collaboration with other European companies will enable them to acquire new working methods, as well as greater visibility both at local and European level.


We are looking for 6 participants 20-22 to participate in this Youth Exchange as well as 1 group leader without age limitation. Participants should be Cypriots or Cyprus Residences coming from EU or non EU countries with travel allowance.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject 'integrati-ON Application form'

Youth Exchange in Estonia,  4th September – 14th September 2017


“Sport Unites, Racism Divides”, 4th September – 14th September 2017, Taevaskoja, Estonia

4 participants aged 18–27 + 1 Leader (can be any age). Project will cover  maximum 360 EUR of travel expences

Project information

The refugee crisis in Europe has increased the discussions about racism, because refugees who are running from war zones to Europe are found difficult to integrate into the European society due to the intolerance of the local population. Our young people are heavily influenced by their parents' opinions, and so there will be a so-called vicious circle of intolerance, which will continue endlessly. We want to understand what racism is and how we can combat it. In everyday life, we can see and / or hear about how people who don’t belong to the same nation as us, have to suffer under intolerant behaviour from locals. This is a problem for us, because if this hate is planted into our youngsters who are the future of our society, it means that racist behaviour towards foreigners continues and our society will be divided in the future.

Project "Sport Unites, Racism Divide" is expected:

- To increase awareness of what is racism and what are the consequences of racist activities.

- To find activities which resulted in growing tolerance.

- To find solutions on how to behave in a situation where we see racist conduct.

- To analyze how the sport has helped people connect and find good examples of possible solutions, which we can use in our everyday lives and in our communities.

- To improve positive attitude towards others and in participants towards themselves. Project involves young people with fewer opportunities, so we expect to increase the participants' horizons and willingness to communicate with different people, whatever their background is, because in reality we are all equal and deserve equal treatment.

- The promotion of mutual cooperation and thereby teamwork skills. The project will operate mostly young international teams and develop teamwork skills, simultaneously with the tolerance and self-expression skills.

In this youth exchange project there will be 38 participants from seven countries (Estonia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria).

If you are interested in applying, please fill in the application form and send it to until July 12nd. Don't forget to put “Sport Unites, Racism Divides” as a subject of your email!


Youth Exchange in Romania,  30.08.- 8.09.2017


SARATA MONTEORU –BUZAU , 30.08.- 8.09.2017

 Arrival day : 30 august2017

Departure day : 8 september 2017

Organizer : ODEN Nehoiu   , ROMANIA

Participants: 4 youngsters 17-25 years old plus 1 group leader no age limit.One person per country can be over 25 but till 29.

Description of project :

“ Water is life.Water is energy.Water is future   “  is an exchange that will take place in Sarata Monteoru and Buzau between 30 august and 8 september 2017. It will involve 45 participants from 8 countries : Cyprus,Estiona,Latvia,Italy,Macedonia,Slovakia,Turkey and Romania out of them 10 being with fewer opportunities

The context is linked with the problems generated by water quality due to irresponsible home and industrial consumption of water,using of chemicals in agriculture,chaotic tourism on seaside and regins with rivers and lakes,wasting of water in different situations.

The aim of the project is to increase the responsibility of youngsters for environment sustainability and a better life quality by empowering fight against water pollution.

The objectives are :

-to provide to 45 youngsters from 8 countries a common space to reflect on cultural diversity,european cooperation and healthy life style

-a better understanding by youngsters about role of water in life and society and about importance of protection and conservation of water

-a larger awareness of the role of water’s energy and the need of reduce wasting

-promote among youngsters a new responsible attitude for preservation of water and identify  new solutions for a sustainable by using creative methods

Food and Accomodation will be provided by the organizers. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 170 EUR /participant

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application form and send it to until 10 July 2017! Don't forget to write ''YE Water'' as a Subject to your email! Please read the infopack carefully before applying!





Youth Exchange in Trento, Italy- Call for 6 participants

YOUTH EXCHANGE PROJECT DRAMA - Dancing to Raise Awareness towards iMmigrAtion, 14/06-21/06

6 participants ( 5  youngsters between 18 and 25 years old & 1 group leader without age limit)

APV (Advance Plan Visit) ONLY FOR THE GROUP LEADER date: May 3rd in Trento Italy

Participants will be involved in preparing a dance performance on the theme of immigration through a training program which will last approximately 7 days.


  • Foster the personal growth of the participants through non-formal educational experience allowing them to develop special skills and attitudes such as: work in groups, take responsibility, develop adaptability,
  • Get in touch with different cultures, encouraging dialogue and promoting mutual understanding
  • Encourage reflection on the theme of immigration through the art form of dance. The participants involved in the project will build a show that will: 1. accompany them in the acquisition of a better awareness of themselves and their bodies, 2. address complex issues like immigration, getting involved personally to capture feelings and experiences related to this issue, making them their own, in order to be returned to the stimulate reflection and raise public awareness about this issue
  • Knowing people who work in associations that work in field of immigration at local level: they will explain the phenomenon of immigration in Italy and in Trentino,  the projects to enhance immigrants' social integration in the local community, the issues that are handled, the opportunity to meet people who have lived in first experience of
  • Raising awareness of the European Union's Erasmus + program, in particular the value of youth exchange in terms of soft skills acquired through non-formal education projects

If you are interested in participating as a group leader (no age limit), you will have to participate both in the APV (May 3rd in Trento Italy)  and the youth exchange (June 14th to June 21st in Trento Italy)

Travel costs  covered up to 270 euros.  Youth leaders will have reimbursement also for the APV tickets (actual cost, up to the same amount of the YE)

Accommodation and food costs covered by the host organisation

Please read the infopack carefully before applying!

To apply, please send the applications to until 02/04/2017

Don’t forget to put as “subject” of your email ''Application for the YE DRAMA in Trento''

If you are applying for the position of the group leader, please mention that in  your email.

Dance and immigration_infopack

Application Form

Time Table_DRAMA_ENG

Training Course in Yerevan, Armenia, 10-17 April 2017, Call for 1 participant

Training Course ''Conflict vs. Connection: A Practical Training for Young Peace-builders'', 10 – 17 April, 2017 Yerevan, Armenia

It will involve 36 youth workers from the European Union Member States and Neighbouring Partner Countries. The course will be focusing on diversity, conflict transformation and emphatic communication. Seeing diversity as a barrier instead of appreciating its enrichment has been playing a substantial role in both the national and international debates and politics in each of the participating countries for decades. The transformation of the conflicts starts from us: our hearts being in war or in peace, our way of communication. When we grow in peace with ourselves, we can continue to bring the transformation to our surroundings: our interpersonal relations, the way we connect and relate to our families, friends, acquaintances, strangers, communities. All these topics will be brought to attention in the TC. Getting a better understanding in how we, people, function and what gets us together and keeps us walking the same direction is crucial for youth workers and peace builders of today. This will be done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building and promotion of Human Rights. Moreover, young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives.

Participants' Profile

  • Youth workers aged 18-35;
  •  Fluent in English;
  • Resident of one of the participating countries
  • Available for the whole duration of the Training Course.
  • Ready to work on conflict transformation in order to confront extremism;

Accommodation and food are covered by the project!

Travel costs covered up to 275 euros

Participation fee:  There is a participation fee of 30 EUR

Please read the info-pack carefully before applying for this Training Course!

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to until 15/03/2017

Don’t forget to put as “subject” of your email “Application for the Training Course Conflict vs. Connection''

The participants will be accommodated in Hotel Capital in Yerevan city centre. Here is the web-site of the hotel: 


Youth Exchange in Romania

Youth Exchange in SARATA MONTEORU –BUZAU, Romania- Call for 5 participants

‘“1, 2, 3, ACTION - keywords, images and actions to promote active and healthy lifestyle “, Youth Exchange, 30/05/2017-09/06/2017

5 participants (4 & 1 group leader)

Profile of participants:

- 18-25 years old and one group leader without age limit

- 2 of the participants should be unemployed

-Good level of English

-Motivation of involvement in every stage of the project


-to identify the causes and effects that facilitate increasing of vices and passive lifestyle and to understand bad effects at physical, mental and social level

-to promote ways of action and intervention at physical, mental and social levels to decrease and eliminate effects of inactive and unhealthy lifestyle

-to promote sports, physical education and healthy alimentation through non-formal education, media and video creation to increase quality of life

-to increase self-confidence of youngsters with fewer opportunities and encourage their social inclusion by offering them alternative activities that sustain creativity, active participation and mobility

The activities foreseen include team building activities, cultural and study visits in surroundings and in Buzau, intercultural evenings, thematic and creative workshops, daily, midterm and final reflection-evaluations, dissemination and exploitation of results

The methodology used will be based on non- formal education and will consist of games, presentations, debates, theater, role plays and simulations, media and video creation.

Accommodation and food are provided by the host organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 170 euros

Please read the info-pack carefully before applying! If you are interested in participating, please complete the registration form and send it to:

Don’t forget  to put as subject of your email ‘’Application for the YE 1,2,3 Action’’

INFO PACK action



Youth Exchange in Bologna- Call for 5 participants

Play Sport: Feel Good, Youth Exchange, 23 June-1 July 2017, Municipality of Sala Bolognese, Bologna, Italy

5 participants (4 + 1 group leader)

APV (only for the group leader), 20-22 May 2017

The project was born after the realization of the need to act regarding the Sport Education in the various European communities. It is true that many youngsters are less involved in sport activities due to the teaching methodology. Apart from that, there are other factors that contribute to that, such as the lack of free time, the increasing addiction to the technology and the presence of conflict and high competition inside the sport environments. The participants of this youth exchange will define more precisely the issues concerning this topic. They will work on developing non formal methodology in order to turn sport education more inclusive, fair and equal for everyone. They will work in groups in order to find new methodologies for teaching sports and they will implement them locally.

The YE will be hosted in "Casa Largaiolli", a building property of the Municipality of Sala Bolognese, really close to Bologna.

Participant’s profile:

  • Minimum age: 18 – Maximum age: 25/ No age limit for the group leader
  • Experience in sports
  • Motivation to use the acquired methods in their work
  • Good level of English language
  • Preferable participants: young people active within their organizations and with experience in the topic of the youth exchange, young people with experiences in the field of Erasmus+ project.

If you are interested in participating as a group leader (no age limit), you will have to participate both in the APV on 20-22 May 2017 and the youth exchange on 23 June until 1 July. The travel costs are up to 270 euros for each one.

Travel costs  covered up to 270 euros

Accommodation and food costs covered by the host organization

To apply, please send the applications to until 10 April 2017

Don’t forget to put as “subject” of your email “Application for Play sport: feel good”.

 If you are applying for the position of the group leader, please also mention that in the subject of your email.

Application Form Play sport feel good

Infopack Play sport feel good

 Training Course in Serbia- Call for 2 Cypriot participants

"Social entrepreneurship as one of the solutions to the European refugee crises", Training Course, 18/04-26/04/2017, Serbia (Novi Sad)

The project is developed for youth workers willing to act as multipliers and further develop (social) entrepreneurship skills of youngsters in communities and support establishment of different social enterprises by, with and for immigrants, refugees and other youth with fewer opportunities.

Participants: 26 participants from 12 organizations and countries (Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Kosovo).

Organizer: Association “Centre for modern living competences” / Centar za savremene životne kompetencije (CSŽK)

Partner in Cyprus: Youth for Exchange and Understanding- YEU Cyprus

Specific objectives:

  • Share realities and experiences with discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of different groups (including migrants and refugees) in different European countries
  • Promote acceptance of diversity and respect of Human Rights in Europe
  • Share and inspire ideas for new creative/innovative social enterprises with/for immigrants, refugees and other marginalized groups
  • Explore social entrepreneurship concepts, stakeholders and supporters and links between social entrepreneurship and inclusion
  • Inspire and encourage youth workers to act as social change agents in their local community
  • Introduce appreciative inquiry as a way to approach the local reality and initiate new ideas

The participants should be able to communicate and work in English

Travel costs: Covered by 100% by the organizers (up to the maximum of unit cost per distance calculator).

Accommodation and food costs in the hostel are covered by the organizers

To apply, please fill in the application form on following link:





Where: Armenia
When: 11-17 November 2016
What: Training Course "From Out of Hate, a Peace of Art"

The training course is for youth workers, activists and leaders who want to tackle hate speech, war and work towards peace. The concept of the project is to explore the role of youth work and young people in the combating of hate speech (on and offline), and the tackling of conflict and war situations that many young people find themselves being influenced by. Moreover, it will explore how youth work and working with young people can be used to promote peace and reconciliation using art as a medium.

For more information contact us at or +357 99573646.




Where: Worcester, United Kingdom
When: 11-18 December
What: "Inter-Mediate" - Training Course

The aim of  “Inter-Mediate” – training course on intercultural social mediation’ is to equip youth workers and representatives of third sector with tools necessary for successful facilitation of conflicts arising on cultural, religious, political, or identity-related backgrounds. During 9 days of training they will have an opportunity to learn how to use mediation and negotiation – methods efficiently used in international business relations – in order to support communication process and resolve disputes arising between conflicted groups. It is already proven on an international and national business level that mediation is the most efficient tool for bringing hostile parties together and supporting them in finding common grounds and interests.

For more information contact us at or +357 99573646.




Where: Kose-Uuemõisa, Estonia
When: 5 -13 October 2016
What: Training Course "Europe in crisis: a call for dialogue. What can youth workers contribute?"

The main goal of the Training Course "Europe in crisis: a call for dialogue. What can youth workers contribute?" is to equip youth workers with competences to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue in local and international activities, particularly focused on the European Refugee Crisis.

The project aims to equip youth workers with competences to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue in local and international activities, particularly focused on the European Refugee Crisis.

- to exchange knowledge between representatives from different European youth organizations about the
European Refugee Crisis: its origins and how way countries deal with it, including the public response;
- to get a thorough understanding of concepts such as stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination;
- to promote intercultural, interreligious dialogue and respect for human rights;
- to develop detailed, realistic plans to promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue in local and
international projects;
- to promote the Erasmus+ programme.




Where: Yerevan, Armenia
When: 02 - 10 October 2016
What: Partnership Building Activity "Need education to work – NetWORK"

“Need education to work (netWORK)” aims to empower youth workers in overcoming youth employment issues in their own countries. Its objectives are:

-To share the experience of youth (un)employability issues of the participating countries and exchange best practice about the topic
-To get skills on how to write competitive CV and motivation/cover letter
-To get informed about international job opportunities provided by various job finding organizations
-To promote volunteering as a connecting bridge for students




Where: Molfetta, Italy
When: 4 - 11 September 2016
What: "The Welcome Hostel"

Within the public local event “Fiera e Festa della Madonna dei Martiri” in the city of Molfetta, groups of young Europeans will share activities and workshops about the issue of immigrants and welcoming. Many foreigners and street vendors work in this local holiday and they are hosted in a “Welcoming Hostel” with their families.

The objectives of this youth exchange are to reflect about the issue of immigrants and the work condition of the street vendors, to help the immigrants to get integrated with the local and European community through meeting different cultures, to develop new non-formal and intercultural competences and to fight against discrimination and racism.




Where: Buzau and Monteoru, Romania
When: 24 August - 01 September 2016
What: "Follow the cycle and upcycle" - Youth Exchange

YEU Cyprus has already selected the participants who are going to take part in the "Follow the cycle and upcycle"  Youth Exchange in Romania. The aim of the project is to promote alternatives of transforming the wastes for a better sustainability of environment and a better quality of life among youngsters from Europe.

Soon after the project will end, we will share with you how the experience was through their own perspective. Don't forget to check our current opportunities page!



Where: Palaios Paneleimon village, Greece
When: 16 - 26 August 2016 (Travel dates 16 & 26)
What: Colourful Fighter for European Empowerment (COFFEE)

COFFEE is a training course for youth workers, leaders, members or volunteers in youth organizations who are willing to work with LGBTI young people. Through this TC the participants will be able to understand the problems and concerns of LGBTI young people and acquire essential knowledge about human rights and the rights of a European citizen.


VOL. 01

During 31 July- 08 August 2016, YEU Cyprus took part in the Training Course "From new challenges to innovative contributions: using online tools to promote exchange and understanding" in Ommen, The Netherlands. The main aim of this Training Course was to empower young people/ youth workers with essential competences to promote exchange and understanding, using online tools.

Read below the testimonials of  Elena and Milena, Cypriot participants:

Elena Dimitriou

"I was given the opportunity to participate to one of the most interesting training courses I have ever been, called ‘’Using online tools to promote exchange and understanding” in Ommen, Netherlands. We explored how prejudices and stereotypes are formed, as well as how extreme nationalist groups form and act.  Inspired by the popular work of ‘’Humans Of New York’’, we had an inside in what makes a story intriguing and how to behave in an interview, as the final objective was to to interact with locals at Ommen and Amsterdam, and finally creating our ‘’Humans of Ommen’’ and ''People of Amsterdam'' photo stories. Later on, we found out how powerful the use of social media is to promote this project and diversity in general. Having the chance to take portraits of people while listening to some nice stories and views has been an amazing and very intimidating experience! "

Elena Dimitriou

Milena Azovidou

"An unforgettable and fruitful experience. Inspired by "Humans of.." we gathered our knowledge and positive attitude and created the "Humans of Ommen" and "People of Amsterdam". Guided by three amazing trainers we managed to cooperate, communicate and create bonds with the other participants which led to an amazing and inspiring result.  We lived in the city of Ommen where we took part in every day activities which enhanced our knowledge and understanding on people's differences and their own unique stories. Team building activities, group discussions and street interviews were some of the things we practised during our training course. Moreover, we acquired the knowledge about the current situation in European society, how to overcome prejudices, how to use online tools to promote exchange and understanding and many more. It was a training course that made me rich in terms of knowledge and wonderful people.

Milena Azovidou



Where: Växjö, Sweden
When: 18 - 25 July 2016
What: Youth Exchange "Go Out Be In III"

Trough the exchange the participants will discover new ways of exploring outdoor activities in countryside and in urban landscapes.

The main objective of this project is for the participants to get a better knowledge of outdoor activities and to better understand the differences and similarities of leisure and outdoor activities practiced by young people within different countries. During the activity week the participants will be organising and participating in games, competitions, discussions and workshops connected with the main theme and will also create new methods for outdoor activities.



exchange spain

When: 10 - 19 July 2016
Where: Puente Genil, Spain
What: Youth Exchange "Self employment, the future in your hands"

This project is a youth exchange about youth unemployment and entrepreneurship as a job alternative. The main goals are to approach young people about unemployment; to remove barriers among them to start a business; to promote understanding and cooperation between countries in order to acquire good practices for self- employment; and to encourage creativity.


When: 11 - 20 May 2016
Where: Buzau, Romania
What: Youth Exchange "Don't Joke with Smoke"

In May 2016, five young Cypriots had the opportunity of going in Romania for a youth exchange called "Don't Joke with Smoke".

The aim of the project was to make youngsters aware on risks of drugs abuse and promote active life as alternative and drugs consumption. The objectives were connected with identification of risks of use of drugs and promotion of active life style, rise the level of knowledge about drugs consumption and bad effects, with expanding youth cooperation in a cultural diversity background.

Alexander Guest

"Somewhere in the hills of Romania, close to the capital city Bucharest, there is a small spa town called Sărata-Monteoru. That is where 45 young people from 8 different countries gathered for this workshop on handling addiction and drug use. During each day we discussed and debated the complex subjects of drug use, addiction and substance abuse. We exchanged our own experiences with drug issues, and learnt a lot about the situation in other countries. Through land art, role playing, and intense discussions we explored the issues from new perspectives. Towards the end of the project we designed posters and created videos, which were used to present our work and conclusions. The result was explosively creative. The videos were impressive and the posters were perfectly designed.

We exchanged our local food and drink with the other participants on two intercultural evenings, and the whole group became close friends, bridging across different cultures, languages and personalities. We would often stay up until morning: talking, dancing, and exploring the village on midnight walks. The whole experience was wonderful, not only because of the high quality of the training, but also because of the incredible people we met and the indelible memories we all shared."

Alexander Guest



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