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Project Description

'On The Way To Edinu – Understanding Intercultural Societies In Europe' is a cycle of two youth exchanges which are aiming to reduce negative approach of young people in Europe towards persons with migration background and prevent radicalization of that lead to aggressive behaviors and acts of discrimination. We will use the eduLARP methodology to step into shoes of a migrants and look at the processes from the first person perspective.

LARP (Live Action Role Play Game) is a combination of game, simulation and improvised theater. Educational LARPs consist of a storytelling part in which the context and the world that participants operate in is described, the creation of characters that participants become and the rules of the game that everyone plays. LARPs lso involve some additional elements like props, scenography and intrigues that together create the complete story.
This story lets participants experience unknown and play the game in the way that emphasis valuable content, as well as develop their competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The concept of LARP is well known around the world, but can it be used for educational proposes? The answer is yes! We have adopted the methodology to the context of youth work and Erasmus+ program - by creating world of Edinu that is a unique educational experience in the topic of migration.


  • To reduce negative perception of persons with a migration background despite of their cultural or national origins and prevent acts of aggression by rising feeling of solidarity among young people.
  • Analyze the construction of intercultural societies in Europe in order to understand relations among its members and possible sources of conflicts as well as trends of development of European societies.
  • Step into the role of a migrant in order to create a personal connection and rise empathy.
  • Continue to develop our educational LARP game and the world of Edinu.


We are looking for 4 participants 18-30 to participate in this Youth Exchange as well as 1 group leader without age limitation.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:On the Way to Edinu #1 - InfopackDownload

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  until 10/7

integrati-ON Y/E IN Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy | 9-18 SEPTEMBER 2019

Project Description

Data concerning immigration in the European Union and the negative statistics on discrimination and ethnic profiling in Italy in 2018 are at the base of “integrati-ON” project, which aims at promoting intercultural dialogue among young people, both European citizens and not, and to raise awareness on values such as social integration, respect for diversity and social commitment. “integrati-ON” intends to contribute to the dissemination of these values through a youth exchange, which allow participants to get in touch with new cultures and new traditions and to
dialogue as a tool to build a more inclusive society.

This goal will be achieved through a youth exchange that will take place in Italy from the 9th to the 18th of September 2019 and which will involve a group of 35 people, including 30 young people aged between 20 and 22 and 5 representatives of European organizations coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Cyprus. Among the six participants expected for each partner, each group leader must select 3 young citizens of his country and 3 young people with extra-European origins resident in the country (please see the following note). In order to promote social inclusion, in each national group, two young people with fewer opportunities will also be involved, this situation due to a difficult socio-economic background, to a condition at risk of social marginalization or due to relational or cultural difficulties.

The exchange, from the theme "Active Youth for Integration", will focus on Cooperative Learning activities to foster young people’s interest and to encourage them to actively engage in countering the various forms of discrimination. Migration-related issues, concepts of identity, belonging and equality will be discussed during thematic sessions, problem-solving exercises and group work; “world café” debates and brainstorming exercises will concern European integration policies and EU’s commitment to promoting a sense of belonging among its citizens.

The informal and non-formal educational techniques will be emphasized, because they ensure the acquisition of knowledge and skills by learners, making them protagonists of activities based on group cooperation and interpersonal exchange.

In the long run, thanks to the participation in "integrati-ON", young people will be more open- minded and willing to deepen new subjects, improve their relation skills in a multicultural context and will spread values of social inclusion, intercultural understanding as well as civic engagement
and respect for diversity. As far as partner organizations are concerned, they will be protagonists of a process of sharing experiences and skills in the field of integration, representing the origin of a new European network in the sector. Collaboration with other European companies will enable them to acquire new working methods, as well as greater visibility both at local and European level.


We are looking for 6 participants 20-22 to participate in this Youth Exchange as well as 1 group leader without age limitation. Participants should be Cypriots or Cyprus Residences coming from EU or non EU countries with travel allowance.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 360 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject 'integrati-ON Application form'


Our project is to organize a European youth exchange that will involve 27 young people from Belgium, Cyprus, France, Spain and Ukraine in a group adventure, from their home country to a remote Ukrainian countryside and –finally- to the shores of the Black see, in order to feel, reflect and express themselves about the relationship that links the Human Being to its Mother Earth.

Our youth exchange is built on the following notions:

HUMANITY : our youth exchange is planned as a trip made of multiple meetings with people living in different environments and conditions. Participants will experiment different rhythms, different philosophies, different daily life styles, different levels of access to facilities and to the –so called modern comfort… Through activities and workshops, they will collect words, interviews, photos, handmade creations, meals recipes… They will gain testimonies and share experiences of the human conditions from the western and from the eastern sides of Europe, from deep rural areas and from urban and post-industrial areas.

NATURE: during the 1st part of their stay in Ukraine, the group will be immerged in unique surroundings, where the nature seems totally preserved, where animal and plants are everywhere. Workshops, hikes, products transformations will invite the group to discover and appreciate what Earth is so simply offering to us.

ECO-CITIZENSHIP: depending of their history, their geographical position, their politics, the people from the different participating countries have different levels of awareness about the environment challenges. Our youth exchange will enhance the sharing of experiences and practices about environmental protection: waste sorting and recycling, support to the biodiversity, saving of energies… They will give visibility and disseminate such practices via public happenings in the city of Odessa.

CONTINUITY: as it will be better explained here below, our project is also the result of a continuous upcycling of energies gained through various exchanges organized in the course of the previous years. Its prep-team is composed of youth leaders and young participants who progressively met and started to collaborate on projects organized in Belgium and in Spain in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The youth exchange presented in this application must be one more mile stone in this dynamic that, each year, permits to new young people to take responsibilities, to propose ideas and thematic to be explored, and to develop initiatives.

In line with the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and the Ka1-youth mobility action, this youth exchange is planned and will be implemented in order to:

- Encourage the participants to share opinions and take position about the project thematic; but also to listen and to learn from what is expressed by the other ones and can be different of what they think or believe in.

- be involved in a strong intercultural experience, thanks to their involvement in an intense group life, composed of individuals coming from very different countries and cultures ; but also via their discovering and meeting with the Ukrainian culture which, on certain aspects might be seen far from western European one.

- permit the young participants to be actively involved in the project and group life management ; by that way and between others, to gain new social abilities.

- permit the young participants to gain new learnings and competencies that will support their ability to be autonomous, to take initiative and responsibilities

Our youth exchange is entirely though and will be implemented according to non-formal education methods. It is a grass-roots youth project.


We are looking for 5 people 18-30 to participate in this activity.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Please read the agenda (minor changes may occur):Nature Youth Exchange - AGENDADownload

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject 'Human Nature Application'

#GETUPSTANDUP, First TRAINING COURSE in Marina Serra di Tricase, ITALY|3-9 of June

#GetUpStandUp surrounds itself with influential European protests – 1968 Protest and civil rights movements, the invasion to Czechoslovakia, the student protests and anti-Semitic campaign in Poland, the 1989 Democratic revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin wall – in order to raise awareness of their significance, use them as examples to stimulate debate and finally utilize them as means of reflection and comparison on their nature and their influence on contemporary protests as well.

This goal is implemented throughout the project with the use of debates, structured dialogue events, public interventions and three training courses in Italy, Czech Republic and Cyprus .

This training course will focus on fighting for own Rights.
In the initial phase of this TC, the participants will be asked to share the results of the already implemented project activities (Public Intervention, Public Debate and Structured Dialogue).

Then, the trainers will focus on the topic, according to the results and ideas of the 1st phase.

The detailed program of activities will be finalized by the middle of May.

We are looking for 3 people to participate in this Training course.
Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme and 275 euros for traveling cost.

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form . Send it to with the subject '#GetUpStandUp Application form'

Bet Your Life TC in Larnaca | 10-15 of June 2019

Problem gambling and gambling addiction is a serious but often overlooked issue both in Finland and Cyprus. An estimated 124 000 residents (3,3%) in Finland have a gambling problem and nearly 20% of Finnish residents has a relative whose gambling was out of control. A recent school survey
published in spring 2017 showed that 7.1% of eighth and ninth graders said they gambled once or twice weekly. The study released by Cyprus' National Betting Authority in March 2018 showed alarming figures. 13 % of gamblers show symptoms of possible problematic behaviour and 6% can
be described as pathological gamblers. On average, Cypriots start playing games of chance at the age of 12.5 with 31% saying they first partook in a gambling activity with their father and 19% with their mother. Cypriot pupils, both boys and girls gamble the most out of all pupils in the EU.

This project aims to improve the understanding, competence and ability of both organisations to support their target groups and work with young
people. This will be the achieved by organising different LTT activities (training, workshops, study visits) in both Finland and Cyprus. The focus will be at developing and promoting quality youth work in both organisations. Sosped Foundation will organise Pelirajat'on/Limit'less Gambling training in Cyprus to increase awareness about problem gambling and introduce an effective model for tackling the problem locally. YEU Cyprus will organise training involving new and effective ways to reach and help young people. The goal is to find new ways to raise awareness among youth and develop non- formal education and experiential learning.

Main results of the project are empowerment of the participants and learning on three levels:

  • 6 trained youth/young people and 4 trained personnel
  • Increased awareness about problem gambling and a model for tackling the problem locally
  • Development of organisation's youth work (problem gamblers and their significant others as new target group, new training, peer support and mentoring models)
  • New perspective and experience in European/Erasmus+ co-operation

The first training course will be implement in Larnaca in Cyprus between 10-15 of June with the aim to explore how to tackle problem gambling in youth work.

Participants will be accommodate in a hotel (will be announced shortly) in rooms of two people. It will be offered transportation to the venue as well as 3 meals and two coffee breaks. There will be participants from Cyprus and Finland.

We are looking for 8 participants who has an interest on the topic of gambling to join the TC

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form and send it to with the topic Bet Your Life

The second training aims to new and effective ways to reach and help young people on problematic gambling. It will be implement in Helsinki, Finland between 26-30 of August. Interested participants are requested to participate in the first training

One Step Ahead YE in Bansko, Bulgaria | 14 - 25 July 2019

One Step Ahead is all about exploring the topic of employability through various games and activities happening outside, in nature. You will have the chance to bring your own questions and activities, to exchange them with others and to experience a dynamic learning opportunity.

The exchange will consist of the following parts:

  • Experiencing - you will be participating in the games & workshops organised by the Group Leaders
  • Creating - in small international groups you will be organising games and activities for each other
  • Exploring - this will be the time to put all your improved skills in practice while going on an outdoor adventure in Bulgaria

During the exchange you will have the chance to explore:

  • what happens if you change your perspective on employability
  • how you can take initiative and what does this bring to you
  • what is your working style within a group
  • what are your unique strengths and how can you use them
  • how to cooperate with others towards a common goal
  • how you can connect with youngsters from different countries
  • how to guide your own learning
  • how to develop activities from the idea until realisation

We are looking for:

1 person (18-25) to participate as a leader and travel to the exchange on the 13th of July

4 participant aged 18-23 years old to take part on the exchange.

Please read carefully the InfoPack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form  and send it to with the subject One Step Ahead.

Application deadline: 30/04/2019