Civil Society - Youth work: the added value

Sochi, Russia

Project: The international 7-day study visit aims to bring together youth workers from Europe and all neighbouring partner regions in their role as civil society activists and change-makers, in order to learn from each other's realities, inspire and support each other and exchange practices and tools that will lead to new youth-related projects at local, regional, national and European level.

The project will take place from the 21st to the 27th of April 2022, in Sochi (Russian Black Sea region) and will involve 37 youth workers from 17 partner organisations from 17 countries.

Goals & Objectives:

  • the main goal of the project will be to increase the level of key competencies of youth in the field of civil society and to promote their active participation in the democratic life of Europe.
  • to study the organization of work of Russian, Caucasian and European civil society;
  • to carry out an international exchange of experience and best practices;
  • to increase the level of awareness of youth about the rights and opportunities that youth of other countries possess.
  • to establish strong cultural, diplomatic and friendly relations between the participants;
  • to develop among young people an intercultural understanding and sense of belonging to the world youth community.
  • to establish a wider international network where we can learn from each other.

Participants Profile:

  • ages 18+
  • are involved in youth work as representatives of NGOs, teachers, volunteers, trainers, facilitators, project managers. The project is designed and developed for capacity building of the youth profession's that's why we need youth professionals to involve implementation.
  • able to communicate in English. The project will be implemented in English language. Participants should have good knowledge of English.
  • interested in the topic of civil society development. We are expecting from participants to participate fully for the project activities starting from preparation to report phase. So, the main topic of the project is civil society development. We expect participants who already work in civil society or who are motivated to work on this topic.
  • are ready to take part in the whole study visit Participants should be able to be motivated and ready for participate considering their time, effort, willingness and expectations to benefit from this training course. Bearing in mind on this, full participation is a key element for the success of the activities.
  • have organizational support for further youth activities: Participants also should be able to get support of their working organization to lead project activities for implementation and follow-up phase.

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