Call For ESC project in Tirol, Austria - 2020-2021

Call For ESC project in Tirol, Austria - 2020-2021

Call For ESC project in Tirol, Austria – 2020-2021

There is currently one volunteering opportunities in Tirol, Austria for 2020-2021. You can find more information below.

Volunteering opportunity for helping people with disabilities at Arche Tirol.

Hosting organization:

Arche Tirol is located in St. Jodok am Brenner and Steinach am Brenner, Tirol, Austria. Arche Tirol is part of an international community of people with and without disabilities, who live and work together based on the Arche community’s international Charta. This Charta says that every person has a unique importance. We have contacts to many Arche communities abroad (primary Germany). Arche Tirol was founded in 1992 and is a Christian –ecumenical community. In our daily routine there is place for spirituality. The work in Arche considers the UN convention for people with disabilities. At the moment 10 people are living in two houses, one house is in Steinach and one is in St. Jodok am Brenner (few kilometers distance).

Arche welcomes people with disabilities at the age of 18. At the moment, four people with mental and multiple disabilities live in the Arche-house in Steinach and six live in St. Jodok. Arche calls them “core-members”. Our main philosophy is not only nursing, but also offering a community, personal relationships and a home. In Steinach there is a workshop, where our mobile core-members work. They produce candles, potteries, paper and bags. We sell these products. There is a “basal group” (“Basale Gruppe”) for our core-members with multiple disabilities. In this group we try to support our core-members in their cognition and self-awareness. The main tasks are care/nursing, household and creating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere for our core-members. In order to reach this goal, we share life and work, sing and celebrate together and try to organize joyful and exciting days for our core-members. Household contains for example cooking, tidying up, doing the laundry and cleaning up. We offer our core -members a comprehensive daily life. So we have many weekly leisure activities. Volunteers accompany our core-members (for example: dancing, swimming, hiking…).

Volunteers activities:

  • being part of “Arche”-team.
  • living together and working in our community.
  • caring/nursing for the core-members in daily life (basic needs, leisure time).
  • doing household and other necessary jobs.
  • participate in regular team meetings.
  • participate in projects in the local communities of the Arche houses.
  • work for 35 hours per week.

Volunteers profile:

  • To want to get to know our organisation “Arche Tirol”.
  • Is interested in working with people with mental and multiple disabilities.
  • Has a stable personality, in order to be able to work with our core-members.
  • Can imagine to live in a community for one year (in an own separate room).
  • Is open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic, creative and communicative.
  • wants to work in a team.
  • Is motivated to learn German (and Tyrolean German dialect).
  • Wants to gain social, intercultural, communication and nursing skills.
  • Brings her or his own culture and interests into the project.
  • Is ready to volunteer for 12 months starting in October.

Duration of the project: 12 Months. From the first week of October 2020 until 30th of September 2021.

How to apply: send an e-mail with your CV and the application form (that you can below) to

Deadline:  3rd of June 2020.