Project Description:

BeSherpa is a project promoted by the Building Bridges Association in collaboration with the partners involved, which provides for a training activity of 5 days to be held in Madrid from October 14 to 18, 2018 in which a total of 28 youth workers and tutors of young people will participate. We are in a year in which there will be many changes in relation to European Volunteering with the launch of the new European Solidarity Corps and the disappearance of the name "European Voluntary Service". The organizations active in the Erasmus + program are eager to know all the news and know how to act in the future in the face of these changes. Civil society also expects news because at this time the information is a bit confusing and does not arrive in the best possible way. Organizations that deal with volunteer projects within the Erasmus + program and the European Solidarity Corps will have the opportunity to share their previous experience while learning additional skills and competences that will give them more operational capacity and provide more quality to their future projects. The main need identified is to develop the capacities of accredited coordinating organizations with experience and to improve the quality of coordination in volunteer projects.


The main objectives are:

- guarantee a deep understanding of the project cycle in Volunteer projects;

- explore the role of the coordinating organization in the Volunteer projects;

- update information on recent developments in the field of Volunteer projects and European Solidarity Corps projects;

- be inspired for new forms of association at the local level;

- strengthen the strategic focus of Volunteer projects throughout the project cycle;

- provide a space to share realities, experiences and examples of good practices;

- provide a space for the creation of networks between the participating organizations and the planning of a greater cooperation.


By completing this seminar, participants will be able to:

- define and explain the roles of the coordinating organization for others in volunteer projects;

- understand the challenges faced by the coordinating organizations;

- define and explain the European Solidarity Corps and understand its role;

- establish a map of the minimum quality standards in volunteer projects, based on different contexts and within the cycle of volunteer projects (regions, type of project, volunteer profile, etc.);

- conceptualize the deeper meaning of Volunteer projects and their benefit to the local community, volunteers and organizations;

- improve the quality of Volunteering projects, especially by paying attention to the selection of partners and the selection of volunteers;

- Survey the support mechanisms that an organization provides to volunteers and identify weak points in the support structure;

- reflect critically on the customized Volunteer project;

- identify potential partners for future projects.


We are looking for one participant to join the Training Course

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Application deadline: 9/10/2018