Art for All | TRAINING COURSE | Spain 2021

Project Description

This Training Course “ART for ALL” is intended to bring together youth
workers, youth leaders and young people, who are working in the
youth sector, to reach out to topics of diversity, marginalized groups,
intercultural dialogue and overall the integration of the society.

ART can be a powerful tool to speak up about many topics including
multiculturalism, diversity, etc. and most important for us, to give a
message to the audience. During the training course participants will
get acquainted with different branches of art, learn and share skills
and competences to express themselves through different ways.

This training course will take place between October 28th – November 3rd (2021).

Some objectives of the project

  • To explore the potential of Art as a tool for speaking up about diversity and multiculturalism
  • To give youth workers the skills and competences to tackle deep rooted conflictual issues which can lead to barriers for the development of a strong integration in society
  • To provide tools to youth workers and trainers that will enable them to reach out to young people who are marginalized by society, to help them in their critical and creative thinking skills, learn the language of art and self expression through this method.
  • To promote diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue promoting common values of freedom, solidarity, tolerance and respect of human rights
  • Develop participants’ ability to facilitate educational activities through the Arts

The profile of our participants

Gender equality will be achieved by selecting both male and female
participants from each country.

To be a participant in “Art for All” one needs to be:

  • a youth leader
  • a youth worker
  • coordinator and/or supporting person in any of organizations
  • having an interest in the topic included in the program and motivation
  • to participate in the activities and in the dissemination of its results.

We encourage the participation of people who come
from disadvantaged social, economic, educational, cultural or
geographic environment and NEETs.

Each partner organization will send a specific number of participants
with no age limit.

Cyprus – 3 participants
Georgia – 3 participants
Poland – 3 participants

Spain – 3 participants + 1 organizing team member
Armenia – 3 participants + 2 organizing team members

Location and accommodation

The project will take place in Spain, Gandia – a beautiful Mediterranean town
with a lot of history.

The accommodation will be in Hotel Borgia, a three-star hotel, located in the centre of the town, just few meters
away from the main street.

Travel Information

Accommodation, meals and working materials are provided by the
organisers. 100% of the travel costs to the venue and back will be
reimbursed up to the maximum of the amount indicated by the distance
calculator provided by the EC:

Spain 0.00 EUR, please consult
Armenia 530.00 EUR
Italy 275.00 EUR
Lithuania 360.00 EUR
Serbia 275.00 EUR
Cyprus 530.00 EUR

The travelling days are 28th of October and 3rd of November.

For more detailed information about the project please read the Infopack.

In order to apply to the activity, please fill in the form available here, as soon as possible.

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