1000Layers: Youth for creative identities || Online Debates + Youth Exchange in Barcelona

1000Layers: Youth for creative identities ||  Online Debates + Youth Exchange in Barcelona

1000Layers: Youth for creative identities || Online Debates + Youth Exchange in Barcelona

The main goal of the blended mobility is to engage, connect and empower young people through the Creative Identities Method. Rooftop Theatre & YEU Cyprus are joining forces to recruit 6 participants that live in Cyprus aged 16-30 + 2 youth workers without age limit to participate in the Online Debates and the Youth Exchange that will take place in Barcelona.

📍It is mandatory for potential participants to participate both in Online debates and the youth exchange in Barcelona.

Online Debates will take place: 16h-18h CET
📍 MAY 18TH
📍 MAY 25TH

  • Debate 1: In media influence and online interactions
  • Debate 2: In the community 
  • Debate 3: In the presence of extremism 

    ** More information regarding the content will be shared with the selected participants

    The ONLINE CONTENT of the training is composed of three facilitated debates by expert partner staff on how exploring identities can provide young people with tools to fight single-story narratives and victimhood identity constructions in different contexts.

Youth Exchange in Barcelona | 13-18 of JUNE 2022

'1000 Layers ' Training OBJECTIVES :

  • Engage participants in a guided, critical and honest exploration if their identity within a safe space
  • Promote the ownership of shared values, equality, social inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination among participants, giving them tools to fight segregation and racism in their own contexts
  • Enhance participant’s critical thinking and media literacy to counter manipulation, propaganda and misinformation
  • Promote participants’ intercultural competences, knowledge and acceptance of diversity and tolerance in society
  • Fight against radicalization and violence among youth by providing alternatives to identity constructions based on single-story and victimhood narratives
  • Foster youth leadership 
  • Develop the Creative Identities Manifesto
  • Provide young people tools to get involved and promote social inclusion in their communities through art-based methods

We expect to create and promote an inclusive and diverse vision of European identity, fighting single-story and victimhood narratives within identity constructions among young people.

The Creative Identity Manifesto, created by young project participants, will promote this vision and will be broadly disseminated.

To Apply click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDOEP3Up3bm12AC4jZsOAbRoyB13eJpKTEEkwkPUEAjKynhQ/viewform